Digital logistics - a single register-system based on Storm Blockchain, intended for companies working in this industry. Our application helps solve operational tasks - for example, manage supply chains and raw product procurement.

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Benefits of the protocol
Control of supply quality

Automation of the delivery process

Secureness of the system

Who is the protocol developed for
digital logistics developed for oil and gas companies
Oil and gas companies

For corporations that work in the energy field and deliver oil products to country regions and the world. The protocol helps control all the logistics chains online, increasing the efficiency of contractors and decreasing the time that is used on the delivery.

Digital logistics designed for Industrial Enterprises
Industrial corporations

For companies that work in said industry, that cooperate with a large amount of logistical contractors, and that manage life-supporting objects.

digital logistics designed for international companies
International companies

For companies that offer their services around the world, and that cooperate with different countries.

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