Outstaffing of IT specialists

Centicore Group is your reliable partner for expanding your IT team. We provide experienced professionals who have advanced knowledge in development and ready to contribute to your project.

Outstaffing of developers

Benefits of outstaffing

Saving resources

Outstaffing frees you from the significant costs associated with hiring and maintaining full-time staff. You not only save money on salaries, but also get rid of the costs of training, insurance, office equipment and workspace. In addition, outstaffing allows you to optimize costs for breaks, sick leave and vacations, which is especially important in conditions of continuous work.

Quick access to experts

In a technology world where skill requirements are constantly changing, quick access to experts is key to success. Outstaffing gives you access to a database of experienced specialists with various skills. Don’t spend months searching and attracting staff – choose the right specialist and start working immediately.


As your business grows, you often need to expand your team. Outstaffing allows you to do this easily and effectively. You don't need to waste time on the processes of hiring, onboarding and training new employees. Simply expand the team for the required period and reduce it when the tasks are completed. This is an ideal solution for projects with variable intensity.

Business Focus

People management and operational issues can distract you from your strategic goals. Outstaffing provides the opportunity to focus on key aspects of the business, such as innovation, product development and customer interaction. You can delegate routine tasks and entrust the outstaffing company with personnel management.

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What IT outstaffing with Centicore gives (Why us?)

Expert recruitment

Our experts conduct thorough interviews and analyze the skills of each candidate.

Professionalism and experience

With us you get access to a wide range of professionals with extensive IT experience.

Individual approach

Every project and every company is unique. Therefore, our approach to outstaffing is based on individuality.

Innovative look

At Centicore Group, we follow the latest technological trends and provide training to specialists.

Transparency and trust

We provide reporting on the work performed and conduct regular communication for feedback.


How will outstaffing help my company?

Outstaffing provides access to experienced specialists without the cost of hiring and training. You save time and resources and can focus on business development.

How do you select specialists for my project?

We conduct a careful selection process based on the requirements and skills required for your project. Each specialist is interviewed to assess technical competencies, relevant work experience and teamwork skills.

Can you provide specialists for different periods?

Yes, we are ready to adapt to your deadlines. We offer both short-term and long-term cooperation. Regardless of the duration of the project, our team will be focused on quality and results.


What happens next?
  • 1
    The manager contacts you
  • 2
    We sign an NDA if necessary
  • 3
    We receive information about your vacancies
  • 4
    We sign a letter of guarantee and an agreement
  • 5
    We carry out the work
  • 6
    You get guaranteed results
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