Corporate responsibility

For a long period of time Centicore Group has been supporting various initiatives that will help the future generation live in a better world.

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Our mission

We present new concepts in development and implementation of applications for managing organizations and business processes.

90% regular clients
Our values
People first

The most important thing for our company is the team. We respect identity, offer long-term cooperation, competitive salary, and take care of each specialist and their family.

Client orientation

Our focus lies beyond satisfying the customer. Centicore always strives to exceed expectations. Customer joy is our success, and customer need is our #1 priority!

Responsibility and reliability

We take responsibility and fulfill our commitments. Our reliability is what allows us to continuously develop and overcome new challenges.

Productivity and efficiency

We are always progressing and are not afraid of difficulties. Our team sets ambitious goals, and our results reflect their achievement and efficient execution.


Continuous improvement helps us to exceed and outperform our competitors. Centicore’s developers and managers regularly attend certified training courses, gain new knowledge, and enhance their professional competencies.

Our care

The world we live in is one for us all. Centicore cares for nature and is guided by environmentally friendly practices in a corporate culture and outside of it.

Farm products

We care about nature and encourage our employees to buy farm products that are environmentally friendly due to the traditional processing method and rural location.

Cultural heritage

Our team preserves the cultural heritage and conducts its digitalization, in order for it to not be lost in the future.

Our initiatives
Centicore Group recycling initiative
Plastic recycling

Every year we host an open session about the environmental value of plastic recycling, and its impact on the planet.

Centicore Group Healthy Eating Initiative
Farm products

You can always taste fresh farm products at our offices.

Centicore Group's Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
Healthy lifestyle

Internally, we always support any sports activities, from marathons to competitive games. Additionally, we lead online yoga classes for our employees.

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