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Retail and market chains

Centicore ensures business stability, providing unique solutions offered by certified developers.

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How we operate
the workload

We immerse into the company’s business processes, analyze them from the inside, and offer appropriate solutions.


Considering the amount of tasks we compose a plan for their completion, as well as defining the step-by-step deadlines for each component.

the team

Based on the received information we expand and modify the team of employees involved in the project.

the effectiveness

Along with the agreed solution we further implement metrics and systems to track the result that records the performance of the development.

What we can do
Set up a digital product retail turnover system

We create a multifunctional program that allows us to process and store data about procurement, as well as control the amount of work done in the facilities. The program can function in a local network and the Internet.

Increase the cyber security

Centicore helps companies with help from certified specialists, conducts complex security audits and develops solutions from attacks on services and the infrastructure. We also provide the security of confidential data and convert business information systems in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the regulators.

Integrate automated procurement control system

We set up a platform that allows us to control the inventory and its availability at facilities, warehouses and sale points all in a timely manner. Organized control helps us to optimize a list of offered services and increase the loyalty of clients that get personalized offers automatically.

Develop a system for cooperating with suppliers

This platform helps form orders and deliveries, conducting the stability of production processes and retail. This substantially improves expense management, decreases the cost, as well as helps to correctly evaluate and forecast consumer demand, increasing the price of the product.

Implement outsourcing corporate processes

Centicore provides corporate platforms development services, including own and custom solutions. We help our clients increase the efficiency of business processes by creating management platforms for the organization of contractor-companies activity in different industries.

Optimize logistic chains with artificial intelligence

The algorithms secure multilevel optimization, replace large specialist teams, save time and decrease the cost of the resources.The development plan includes requirements of the companies, current demand and consumer limits.The centralized information system creates calculations and controls all business processes in its responsibility zone.

What we have done already
Complex audit of customer company’s It systems and the development of sales management and warehouse records platform

In the context of the audit of the existing IT processes of the customer company the main need of the client was decided, as well as the instant benefit of the product. We then predicted the long-term benefits of the chosen solution. Based on the developed roadmap a basic sales management system was implemented according to the specifications of the retail industry. The system included a module to track the record of products, with the synchronization of more than 20 warehouses of companies. This solution increased the relevance of the information of the products in the warehouse, as well as modernizing the sales department with a modern analysis module.

Complex audit of customer company’s It systems and the development of sales management and warehouse records platform
Mobile application with a client loyalty programme and personal accounts

Implemented a mobile application with a personal account feature on IOS and Android platforms. This solution allows the retail store to inform their customers about their news, relevant deals and accrual/discharge of bonuses. The customer can also see the closest stores and lay out a route to them. In the context of this project a push-newsletter for marketing goals module was developed that works together with a resilient infrastructure implemented in the CI/CD process.

Mobile application with a client loyalty programme and personal accounts
Sales department
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