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Banks and financial organizations

Centicore is guided by the industry's standards of quality and the judgment of financial experts when developing projects.

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How we operate
the industry

During this stage we reveal the main needs of the customer, using our experience in financial technologies. Besides that, we study the IT-landscape and the industry’s software that is currently being used by the financial organization.

technical specifications

We offer solutions that solve the objectives set by the business. Our system and business analytics will help you and your company with the choice of the right solution.

a team

We build the team in accordance with the chosen technologies that solve problems of any level. After this we start the implementation. We work on the project with the methodology that the customer is accustomed with.

the project

The implementations are carried out in accordance with the customer’s requests and preferences. After that, we collect feedback from the owners of the product, finalize and complete the software.

What we can do
Implement an electronic document management system (EDMS)

EDMS provides a secure data exchange within the company, both between the employees and businesses. This system helps protect the data, providing its safety. In this case, the document with QES is a full analogue of the paper copy with the hand-written signature and a stamp.

Create a platform for the exchange of data between systems and products

The creation of an online-bank includes a traditional set of services that “live” not only on websites, but also in clients’ phones. Cooperation with the clients is done exclusively in a digital format, through the call center.

Create a custom mobile application

Technological progress does not stand still, and mostly all large financial companies have their own mobile service. Centicore helps you stay up to date and offers advanced developments in the functionality, design and usability fields.

Build and maintain the credit conveyer

Accuracy and consistency of business-processes is particularly important in the financial industry. Centicore provides the creation and maintenance of high quality standards in the company’s services, optimizing the pricing and increasing the quality of offered services.

Develop a custom solution

The Centicore Group team has an immense experience in automation of business-process in financial organizations. We offer services of varying complexity, and our specialists implement three types of custom development projects: turnkey, zonal and in a team of specialists from partnering companies.

Conduct a Big Data analysis

In the financial industry BigData is mostly used to make predictions on clients’ investments, market changes and prices, as well as to make updated strategies and portfolios. Big Data is also used to prevent fraudulent actions, to help banks segment their marketing strategies and to optimize their operations.

What we have done already
Salary project

We transferred a bank’s salary project on a modern technological basis with the projection onto individual microservices. Resolved the problem of client data relevance, integrating clients’ data processing in outer target systems. The integration of refactoring tasks to commercial operations proved to be 8 times more efficient for customers (from choosing the necessary people for payroll to sending a payment order to the bank).

transfer of the bank's payroll projects on a modern technological basis
The system of accepting requests for customer crediting, bringing it to a preliminary decision and notifying the client

We implemented a scalable system to accept requests for customer crediting, able to handle upto 7000 requests in a second. When the system is at its peak of burden, the client receives a preliminary solution on average in 2 minutes, whereas the maximum waiting time is 6 minutes. The developed system has many integrations with already existing bank services (Siebel CRM, SAS RTDM, State services, Credit bureau, KYC-systems, bank partners, etc.), and more. The implementation of the software, able to withstand such a high pressure, allowed us to conclude a contract with a major lead generator Sravni.Ru, which significantly increased the bank’s conversion.

The system of accepting requests for customer crediting, bringing it to a preliminary decision and notifying the client
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