Centicore Group believes in the professional development of specialists. We value our developers and try to provide the best conditions that are available on the market.

What makes us unique
The advantage of a career at Centicore - Stable projects
Stable projects
Interesting and stable projects that provide opportunities for continuous growth and improvement of skills.
Centicore Career Advantage - Welcome Bonus
Hobby compensation
We will compensate for your passion, be it fitness, learning languages or other hobbies
The advantage of a career at Centicore - Training
We support you in education and improving your skills.
The advantage of a career at Centicore - Trust
An inspiring level of trust and understanding within the team.
The advantage of a career at Centicore - Remote Work
Remote work
All positions in Centicore are completely remote - our developers can work from anywhere in the world.
The advantage of a career at Centicore - Intangible Help
Non-financial Assistance
We provide VMI, help with mortgages and other aspects.
Company vacancies
UI/UX Designer
  • Experience UI/UX
    3–6 years
  • Figma
    Experience required
  • Location
UI/UX Designer
Python Senior Developer
  • Experience
    3-6 years
  • English
    Not required
  • Location
Python Senior Developer
Java Tech Lead
  • Experience
    3-6 years
  • English
  • Location
Java Tech Lead
Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Experience
    4+ years
  • English
    Not required
  • Location
Senior DevOps Engineer
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Referral program
25’000₽ For recommendation
Recommend a colleague
Benefits for you
HR Director of Centicore group Valentina Chekalina
Valentina Chekalina
HR Director
Centicore Group takes care of your mental health
  • Medical insurance
    Extended coverage of health insurance is available after you complete your probationary period.
  • Sports activities
    We support our specialists in initiatives towards a healthy lifestyle and participate in marathons.
  • Mental health
    Centicore cares about the inner well-being of its developers - we have an in-house psychologist to help with this.
  • Yoga & stretching
    In addition to a comfortable working environment we offer interesting activities outside of office hours.
  • Educational programs
    We provide access to courses and learning materials to our specialists to help them enhance their skills.
  • Public speaking
    Centicore specialists have the opportunity to develop in a variety of ways. You can improve your public speaking skills by participating in our YouTube show.
  • Skills development
    In addition to job skillsCenticore helps you improve your personal hobbies and passions.
  • Mentoring
    We help each other and share useful experiences.
Centicore Group HR recruiter Armine Martirosyan
Armine Martirosyan
HR partner
Centicore Group has a solid team and stable projects
Centicore Group HR recruiter Diana Fedorishena
HR partner
Centicore Group has a solid team and stable projects
Work & life balance
  • Remote work
    Our specialists have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Corporate entertainment
    Centicore organizes team building events, provides corporate gifts and branded stickers.
  • Online library
    Centicore provides resources to help you develop and improve.
  • Legal assistance
    Centicore is an officially accredited IT company, which opens up additional legal bonuses for our in-house developers.
Employee feedback
Dmitry Nazarenko Backend Developer, Centicore Group
Nazarenko Dmitry
Backend Developer
Joined the company in February 2022

I have been working at the company since the beginning of 2022. The nature of the project offered by Centicore recruiters took me by surprise, as I prioritized game-dev areas during my job search. With each day I understand the nuances of stock trading much more, and I never once regretted the choice of the job and the project for myself!

Dmitriy Bashliyev SYSTEM ANALYST of Centicore Group
Bashliev Dmitry
System Analyst
Joined the company in December 2021

I have been working in Centicore for 6 months, and during my work I have had a very positive impression of my colleagues - they are always ready to listen to suggestions/questions and offer help in solving them. Colleagues are responsive and ready to discuss all questions, including the ones that are uncomfortable. I had my doubts before I joined the company, but now I realize that I made the right decision. The company grows and develops and its employees improve their competences together with it).

Kutepov Andrey Backend Developer Centicore Group
Kutepov Andrey
Backend Developer
Joined the company in March 2020

Centicore is a team of professionals who know and love what they do. This can be said with confidence after my 2+ years of working here. Flexible processes and a good attitude towards the employees are combined with a lot of interesting projects and activities organized by the company. Centicore also provides opportunities for professional and career growth.

Moiseenko Ilya
Frontend React Developer
Joined the company in August 2021

I have been working at Centicore for about a year. I see it as a positive, growing company that gives its employees the opportunity to work in a flexible and stable environment, while maintaining good professional growth. I am extremely pleased with the communication and attitude to the staff - a good company, I strongly recommend it.

Kozin Daniel Backend Developer Centicore Group
Kozin Daniel
Backend Developer
Joined the company in September 2021

Already for a year I've been working as a backend developer on a project that is specifically interesting from the technical point of view. During this time I managed to expand my stack, gain valuable experience in working with complex tasks, their evaluation and implementation.

Evgeny Svechnikov Functional Tester, Centicore Group
Svechnikov Evgeny
Functional Tester
Joined the company in December 2021

There is a friendly atmosphere in the company, which contributes well to the successful implementation of set tasks. Work on projects of different orientation and scale is in progress. Social guarantees and obligations are strictly followed.

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