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Advanced technology

Centicore keeps up with current innovations and secures the relevance of the implemented solutions.

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How we operate
the needs

We approach each project individually, closely communicating with the customer and relying on the opinion of professionals.

the market

Understanding the niche, demand and competitors is crucial for successful realization of set goals. A comprehensive approach helps us to wisely set up a step-by-step plan of the project.

the solution

The team chosen for a certain project carefully works through various options for the realization and integration of the developments. According to the result of the analysis the most effective option is chosen.

the project

A team of experts and specialists relies on the strategy and wishes of the customer to integrate the chosen solution in the best way possible.

What we can do
Discover innovations

Experiments and testing help our developers to find and implement unique solutions that solve multiple development and optimization tasks, as well as the maintenance of security. Centicore will also support your digital strategy and help use the developments that already exist.

Implement artificial intelligence systems

We make sure that the automation of business processes happens as effectively and safely as possible. During the implementation process, we are guided by standards of global practices that best suit the industry in which the customer operates.

Organize a digital transformation

We implement modern protocols and machine learning that affects different components of business processes. We combine informational systems and develop instruments that help the company and its clients.

Implement a system that evaluates staff performance

Centicore developers create and implement platforms for analysis and calculation of KPI indicators that provide an understanding of business processes, their efficiency and productivity. We help to control the activities of enterprises and organize the calculation of bonuses.

Set up server virtualization

Said solution brings significant economical benefits to the company. Multitasking physical servers and the reduction of them allows the costs of energy, deployment and development to be reduced.

Build an accounting system based on cloud technology

The effectiveness of this technology is that companies only have to pay for the resources they use, reducing the costs of the maintenance services. We help optimize the pressure on the systems and enterprises’ platforms.

What we have done already
Blockchain platform with throughout capacity above 100,000 transaction per second

We implemented a blockchain platform made to fit the specifications of corporate fields. The system includes a smart-contract platform that companies can use to create their own private decentralized applications (dApp). Taking into account the specifications of the corporate field we were able to get the speed of the system to 100’000 transactions per second. Additionally, our team implemented a security system, considering the vulnerabilities of blockchain networks. As a result we achieved a fast blockchain protocol, a flexible smart-contract system, and a secure network.

Blockchain platform with throughout capacity above 100,000 transaction per second
Video surveillance system based on artificial intelligence

We developed a video surveillance system that allows you to track and analyze the following: a person’s face expression, a person’s gender, a person’s reaction to the actions taking place around them. A Deep Learning technology algorithm was used in the development. The created solution gave the company an opportunity to better analyze the launch of new products, and to increase the sale ability of their stock by more than 35%.

Video surveillance system based on artificial intelligence
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