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Centicore approaches the planning of solutions attentively, for them to meet the requirements of the industry’s regulators.

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How we operate
the details of the project

During this stage we analyze each request, and an overall understanding of the goals that need to be achieved is formed.

a step-by-step plan

We present the strategy that includes various services, from an idea and developments to the improvements and implementation.


We rely on key standards in development, as well as the expertise of our specialists.

the effectiveness

Our specialists prepare a detailed report of the work done, segmenting each task that was completed.

What we can do
Develop a client experience management center

We help provide effective work in units that provide the formation of the brand and clients’ loyalty to the company. This center is focused on metrics such as the index of the customer loyalty, the indicator of client satisfaction and the indicator of user effort – they allow us to evaluate the result of done work.

Integrate a business intelligence system (BI) into the company’s work process

With this solution we help companies reduce the preparation time of analytic reports, as well as increase the effectiveness of making decisions. Centicore will provide fast and easy integration of new systems into the existing IT infrastructure of the business.

Develop the digitalization and transformation of the infrastructure

We help companies step-by-step move to new businesses-modules, as well as improve control on the existing work processes. Our specialists elaborate new options of development for companies and organizations, and combine them with modern technologies.

Increase the efficiency of business processes

Our services include a complex approach to automation and optimization on each step of development. Thinking each component through elaborately, starting from cooperation with the clients and finishing with cyber security.

Set up data processing centers

The creation of these centers helps companies significantly decrease their economic expenses on IT-infrastructures and their maintenance. In the telecommunication industry data retrieval is an important aspect that is in need of quality and systematic optimization.

Organize a cloud technologies system

Structurizing customer-company’s data and developing own platforms for maintaining applications and clients’ services. With our products we provide uninterrupted operability of infrastructures, as well as the extension of the service life for the technical equipment.

What we have done already
Subscriber accounting optimization system

We developed an accounting and tracking system for subscribers of the company, integrated with the already existing IT systems, such as customer service, financial service, quality control service and others. In this solution we developed a high-pressure stable database with the ability to scale depending on the amount of subscribers.

Subscriber accounting optimization system
System of coordination and control of contracts with service providers

We implemented a system of coordination and control of contracts with contractors (Contract Management System). The system that is developed by us allows you to mechanize the work on the concluded contracts – from the preparation of the documents to the fulfillment of the obligations by the contractors. A checkpoint was introduced on each step of the contract performance chain - this allowed us to see the contract fulfillment more clearly. Due to the implementation of said system, the company could eliminate troubled contractors, as well as increase the speed of contract execution by 15%.

System of coordination and control of contracts with service providers
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