Oil and gas industry

Centicore possesses substantial experience in the oil and gas industry - that is why we can optimize work processes and organize multilevel development of innovative solutions.

How we operate
the analysis

Qualified specialists from the oil and gas industry are invited to help plan the implementation of effective solutions.


Our developments allow us to reduce the costs necessary for the oil and gas field, as well as for the organization of technological processes.

ideas into reality

The chosen solution is brought to the final user in accordance with the methodology for the project management chosen by the customer.


Product users share their experiences, and the implemented metrics measure the effectiveness of the chosen solution. If needed, we finalize and correct the developed product.

What we can do
Increase the efficiency of refining oil and gas

The use of monitoring and recording devices, as well as the development of information systems for processing of received data is a guarantee for the increase of efficiency in the operating enterprise.

Develop predictive analytics

The development of software, mechanization of planning processes, providing and completing the repair of equipment in the oil and gas industry gives an opportunity to cut the company’s expenses, that are connected with emergencies and planned downtime of the equipment. This enables the company to raise the prices of services.

Digitalization of business processes

In the developmental outlook of the IT infrastructure in the oil and gas industry are primarily the technological aspects of the Upstream segment, related to development, production, transportation and the refining of oil and natural gas.

Develop specialized databases

The geological, technological and production departments require the elaboration of specialized databases, and the development of the software. Based on them, systems for three-dimensional design and automotive monitoring of petrochemical and oil refining facilities are developed.

Automation of work processes

Implementation of IT platforms in individual and complex business-processes allows the minimization of errors in accounting and management. We digitize these stages, both with the usual technology, using C# and Kubernetes, and with the use of IoT, Big Data, VR/AR.

Increase the reliability of IT-systems

All IT-technologies in the oil and gas industries are subject to increased requirements for equipment safety. Technical requirements are the normative and informational basis, as well as the foundation for the creation of technical specifications.

What we have done already
Field/well data collection and analysis systems

We implemented a field/well data collection and analysis system. The system allows experts to automatically receive and update data about mining facilities, conduct analysis, compile recommendations for geological and technical measures, and evaluate the efficiency of processes. The implementation of machine learning algorithms allowed us to make predictions and help the specialists.

Two-factor user authentication system with the possibility of domain password renewal

We implemented a system of two-factor authentication for the employees of the organization to connect to APM with the use of a mobile application. The developed application has the opportunity to renew the employee's password in case of expiration. This eliminated the pressure on the technical support staff and increased the efficiency of user password renewal.

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