Centicore Group's work industry - insurance


Centicore approaches each project individually and offers the most relevant solutions that are suitable to the insurance industry.

How we operate
the analysis

We study the existing IT-landscape of the company, and work on the business-requirements. Our expertise allows us to provide the customer with several solutions to solve their set tasks, working through the pros and cons of each.

the technical assignment

We facilitate the comprehensive planning process - from the development of the system, to estimating the time and budget needed for the project.

the capabilities

A team is picked in accordance with the requirements approved, able to solve your business objectives. Consequently we begin to work on the product, complying with the recognized standards of development and quality assurance.

of the project

This step is completed in accordance with the customer's standards, and the recorded functional requirements are checked. The product is brought to the final user and the provision of technical support is secured.

What we can do
Develop a customer data management system

We help companies not only to correspond with legal requirements when working with personal information of clients, but we also provide services for the security of the materials they hold.

Implement personal data cyber insurance platform

Our developers create a system that will help the company get initial financial aid in case of an incident. We help businesses comply with certain safety requirements, as well as guarantee the secureness of clients’ confidential information.

Implement and integrate modules of forecasting analytics

Developers of Centicore implement a system that helps companies and clients. Both sides get forecasts on indicators that may be important in the future, such as profit. We use outer and inner data to increase the quality of conducted analysis and to provide the most accurate result.

Digital transformation of insurancing

We implement projects of any complexity – from the digitalization of functions to building an integrated ecosystem – in accordance with the requirements and goals of your business.

Implement an analytical CRM system

Integration of said technology will help conduct a complex approach in managing the company’s activity, as well as cooperating with the clients. Centicore will provide the technical support and will combine platforms into a single service.

Integrate a BI system

We cooperate with leading producers of BI-systems, whose developments are registered in the Russian Software Registry. We will help you choose the most relevant solution and easily connect the business-analytics platform to the existing systems.

What we have done already
Implemented an electronic document exchange platform including electronic archives management

In the context of digitalization of business-processes a platform for managing the document exchanges has been implemented. During the project our specialists conducted an in-depth analysis of the business-processes for the customer-company, after which produced the implementation of digital infrastructure, including the electronic signature. An electronic archive has been integrated into the project concept, which includes more than 8000 documents. Due to the implementation of the solution the expenses were decreased by more than 25%.

Implemented an electronic document exchange platform including electronic archives management
Automated system for regulation of expenses

In cooperation with the customer-company an IT-strategy was formed, based on which an automated expense regulation project was carried out. As a result, we were able to increase the satisfaction of the company’s clients by reducing the time of payment cases by more than 20%.

Automated system for regulation of expenses
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