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IT industry news
Information technology in logistics: why has Amazon launched a new service and what is happening in the Russian market?

In addition to other countries, this logistics service will now also be available in India. Inc. has launched Amazon Air, a dedicated air cargo service, in India in an effort to expand and speed up delivery in one of its key markets amid rapidly growing e-commerce sales. The company has invested in Indian cargo […]

27 January, 2023
IT industry news
Biggest layoff in company history: Google cuts 12,000 jobs

The cuts represent about 6 percent of Google’s workforce and are in line with similar recent moves by Microsoft and Amazon. Over the past six months, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been cutting costs by shutting down various projects within the company. In the largest layoff in history, Google said it would cut 12,000 jobs […]

25 January, 2023
Company news
Centicore Group was included in the Top 5 companies among the best IT employers in Russia 2022

In addition to fourth place in the overall ranking, Centicore Group received several additional awards in certain categories highlighted by Habr Career. Habr is the largest portal and the main source of information in the IT sector for the CIS countries. The website conducts annual rankings in various categories and industries. In 2022, Centicore Group […]

23 January, 2023
IT industry news
Microsoft aims to improve OKR implementation with Viva Goals integration

New integrations with Teams and other applications are designed to increase the use of goals and key deliverables (OKRs) because new research shows that employees who have a clear understanding of goal setting are more motivated workers. Microsoft has announced new features for Viva Goals designed to accelerate the adoption of goals and key results […]

23 January, 2023
Company news
Centicore Group representatives attended the 12th World Conference on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

At the 12th World Conference on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, held in Hong Kong, our specialists represented the company internationally. Centicore Group believes that networking and communication are some of the main components of professional development and gaining new knowledge for specialists. Centicore Group employees not only spoke about the company’s mission and goals […]

23 January, 2023
IT industry news
C++ recognized as the most popular programming language in 2022

The TIOBE Programming Language of the Year 2022 Award goes to C++. The award is given to the programming language that experienced the greatest increase in popularity in a single year. The TIOBE index measures the popularity of programming languages. However, before drawing any conclusions, it is important to note that the index does not […]

23 January, 2023
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