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Medicine and biotechnology

Centicore pays close attention to detail and quality, which is required for the industry, on each step of the workflow.

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How we operate
the task

We analyze the infrastructure that already exists in the company or enterprise, and identify areas for improvement and enhancement.


We consider various ways of handling the project, and choose the most efficient option for the business.

the project

We turn the developed concepts into reality, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and minimum downtime during the work process.

the result

The implemented solution is reinforced by reports and statistics that show the chronological development and the logical conclusion, expressing the benefit for the customer-company.

What we can do
Develop telemedicine service

We implement IT solutions for cooperation with clients and doctors in a digital format. During the process of development we focus on the usability and the correct organization of data. The platform interacts with the client and gets answers for their questions. With their help individual recommendations are formed.

Integrate medical robotics

We develop and program technologies that will become indispensable assistants for specialists in the medical industry. Robots play a big role in completing monotone tasks as well as they help doctors improve the quality of surgeries in different areas, such as microsurgery.

Develop a virtual simulator for educating doctors

We create a service which will be able to increase the qualification of doctors, allowing them to learn the skills necessary for the work. This solution helps both amateurs studying the medical industry, as well as experienced doctors. Technologies based on AI allow us to carry out a daily practice and increase the effectiveness of the educational process.

Implementation of forecasting modeling technologies

The system conducts the analysis and calculates the probability, helping experts make a more informed final decision. Experts create a plan for the development of the software, to effectively implement the technology.

Implement corporate processes for outsourcing

Centicore provides software development and corporate platform services, including own or custom solutions. We help our clients increase the effectiveness of their business processes with the creation of different platforms for the organization of contracting companies' activity in different industries.

Implement a neural network-based decision making system

We help organizations provide reliable service, decrease the probability of a human mistake, and increase the accuracy of diagnoses made. The doctor’s assistant platform decreases the duration of the specialists’ decisions, and improves the performance of the enterprise.

What we have done already
Informational-analytical system to record the patients of the clinic

We developed an informational-analytical system for the registration, record and service of the “ViaHomeopatika” clinic clients. A feature was implemented to maintain personal medical records, payments, reminders of the following appointments with the integration of Viber and Telegram via REST API and with the function of downloading/unloading reports to Excel. This system allowed the amount of human mistakes to be decreased by 4 times.

Informational-analytical system to record the patients of the clinic
Online system to diagnose human physical features

Our team developed a software that allows us to track, save and analyze physical features of a human, providing personalized recommendations for weekly physical activity all in real time. In this solution we created a high-pressure and stable database with scalability. The implemented solution made the doctor’s job easier, and increased the amount of positive results after treating patients.

Online system to diagnose human physical features
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