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Centicore listens to the requests of the customer and thoroughly studies the standards of the energy industry during the process of developing the product.

How we operate
the goals

A detailed immersion into the industry and the area of operation of the company helps us understand how we can help the company and improve the business processes.

the team

Based on specific goals and tasks we select a working group, which will best handle the implementation of the project.

the strategy

Specialists, working at different steps of creating the solution, assemble a detailed work plan, on which the interaction with the client is based.

the product

At the end of the development stage we implement the complete components of the final solution into the company’s existing systems and platforms.

What we can do
Build a management system based on cloud technologies

We actively use cloud technologies during the creation of processes for the optimization of work processes. Centicore is focused on increasing the functionality of important infrastructural objects, as well as their usability.

Implement a system for detecting production anomalies

Our development specialists elaborate solutions that analyze the operation of the infrastructure and facilities, detecting malfunctions, weak links and abnormal indicators.

Organize a costing platform

Develop a system that helps companies budget and plan facilities and objects financially, allowing them to carry out the segmentation of business processes, and to count their expenses.

Develop an optimization of data-center operations strategy

We create a detailed work strategy for each component in the data center, and increase its efficiency based on the strategy, from capacity to cool down. As a result we help businesses decrease the costs of maintenance and increase productivity.

Implement corporate processes for outsourcing

Centicore provides services for the development of corporate platforms, including the solutions of own or custom developments. We help our clients increase the price of their products and the efficiency of their business-processes by creating platforms for the organization of contract companies in different industries.

Automate the management of technical documentation

We develop products that help improve inner work processes in companies and organizations among employees. Through said system we simplify processes, increase productivity and provide coordinated work in all units of the company’s structure.

What we have done already
Automate technical maintenance and equipment repair solutions

In the context of this project a system in the technical maintenance and equipment repair block was implemented, that is based on the calculation of indicators of equipment technical condition and complex infrastructure objects. In solution an evaluation and tracking of the repair works, the involved unit, as well as an analysis of the probability of equipment failure and a forecast is compiled for the possible consequences.

Automate technical maintenance and equipment repair solutions
Management system for the production cycle

We implemented a management system for the production cycle, with the integration of a possible access to data from various technological processes management platforms, including the event history with time detalization. The implementation of this system allowed us to eliminate the tear between business-systems and management processes, as well as track the weak links of the production process that need improvement.

Management system for the production cycle
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