Centicore Group representatives attended the 12th World Conference on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

At the 12th World Conference on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, held in Hong Kong, our specialists represented the company internationally.

Centicore Group believes that networking and communication are some of the main components of professional development and gaining new knowledge for specialists.

Centicore Group employees not only spoke about the company’s mission and goals to their industry peers, but also exchanged valuable experiences with other experts.

Attendance of thematic events related to the field of activity of the divisions positively influences the technological progress and development of the company.

According to the official conference website, “the event attracts scholars and practitioners from around the world to present their research findings in the form of empirical studies, stories, and other theoretical and practical contributions.

In addition, doctoral candidates view the conference as a valuable opportunity to network with other participants and present papers and posters on their developments.

Various security and military organizations have participated in the conference over the years, including the Cyber Security Policy Research Institute.

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