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C++ recognized as the most popular programming language in 2022

The TIOBE Programming Language of the Year 2022 Award goes to C++. The award is given to the programming language that experienced the greatest increase in popularity in a single year.

The TIOBE index measures the popularity of programming languages. However, before drawing any conclusions, it is important to note that the index does not say or purport to say anything about the quality of a programming language.

The ranking is calculated by analyzing the number of qualified engineers who speak a particular language, the number of courses in that language, and the number of third-party vendors offering products or services related to that language.

The index is updated monthly and is based on data from popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu. The TIOBE Programming Language of the Year Award is announced in January of each year based on the previous year’s rankings.

The most popular programming language (+4.62%) in 2022 is C++. It is a high-performance object-oriented programming language that is widely used to develop system software, applications, and video games and is known for its efficiency, flexibility, and low-level control.

It overtook Java to become number 3 in the TIOBE index in November 2022, and its popularity is steadily growing. C (+3.82%) and Python (+2.78%) also made the podium in 2022.

In 2022, the Tiobe index also adds such languages as Rust, Lua, F#, Kotlin, Julia, and Dart. The top ten languages by popularity in the January 2023 edition of the Tiobe Index also included:

  1. Python, with a market share of 16.36%
  2. C, with 16.26% market share
  3. C++, with a market share of 12.91%
  4. Java, with market share of 12.21%
  5. C#, with market share 5,73%
  6. Visual Basic, with 4,64% market share
  7. JavaScript, with 2,87% market share
  8. SQL, with 2.5% market share
  9. Assembly language, with market share 1.6%
  10. PHP, with 1.39% market share

The alternative Pypl Popularity of Programming Language Index, which analyzes how often language tutorials are searched for on Google, listed the following top 10 languages in January 2023

  1. Python, with a 27.93% share
  2. Java, 16.78%
  3. JavaScript, 9.63%
  4. C#, 6.99%
  5. C/C++, 6.9%
  6. PHP, 5.29%
  7. R, 4.03%
  8. TypeScript, 2.79%
  9. Swift, 2.23%
  10. Objective-C, 2.2%

The index can be used to check the relevance of your programming skills or to make a strategic decision about which programming language to adopt when starting to build a new software system.


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