To mark the Play Store’s 10th anniversary, Google has announced upcoming updates that will benefit developers and users alike.

The corporation wants to raise the bar of quality by encouraging high-quality apps in the store. To do so, Google is introducing new quality thresholds that app developers must meet. The two new key metrics that will be measured are user perceived failure rate, which is the percentage of users who have experienced at least one noticeable app failure, and user perceived ANR, which is the percentage of users who have experienced at least one “App Not Responding” (ANR) error.

“When Centicore Group develops apps ahead of the release of new features in the Google Play Store, we are always guided by the rules that Google provides. Our specialists believe that this innovation will improve the quality of apps available in Google Play Store” – chief system architect of Centicore Group, Andrey Kutepov.

“Users expect usability on their devices, and developers who meet their expectations will have greater success with the platform’s services. While these updates were designed to help users and developers avoid unpleasant situations, our long-term goal is to increase the number and frequency of positive user experiences. This requires investment in other aspects of technical quality beyond crashes and ANR, as well as improving the non-technical aspects of ecosystem quality,” Lauren Mitton, product manager for Google Play, wrote in a blog post.

The company also plans to add the ability for developers to use the new Promotional Content format (formerly called LiveOps) when marketing their apps. Promotional Content will allow developers to embed events, content and offers into all phases of the Google Play buyer experience.

Another feature announced by Google is called Churned-used Custom Store Listing – it will allow app developers to resubmit an app to a user who previously deleted their app.

The company also announced a number of new security initiatives. First, it is launching new features in the Play Integrity API, such as customizable API responses and new reporting capabilities. In addition, the ability to debug API responses from a specific app’s developer profile settings on any device will soon be available.

In addition, the company is expanding its Google Play compliance communications and training, as well as expanding its direct phone support and enforcement pilot programs.

Another upcoming Developers Previews update will provide privacy-aware advertising. Over the next few years, Google will work with developers to co-create these features and implement their integration into the platform.

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